Saint Joseph of Arimathea
Episcopal Church
2172 Saw Mill River Road - White Plains, NY - 10607 - (914) 592-7163
A Brief History

Who was Saint Joseph of Arimathea?

The Worthington Chapel becomes
St Joseph of Arimathea
Episcopal Church

Joseph was a secret disciple of Jesus, and a member of the Jewish Sanhedran (ruling council). After Jesus' crucifixtion, Joseph gave his own tomb for Jesus' burial. Little else is known about him, but legends developed later include the story that Joseph came to the ancient Church of Glastonbury in England and brought with him the Holy Grail (the cup used at the Last Supper). We assume that the Church was named for Saint Joseph because it was a memorial chapel.

The Feast of Saint Joseph of Arimathea is celebrated August 1, as listed in the Lesser Feasts and Fasts, published by Church Publishing.

St Joseph's Church was built in 1883 as a private burial chapel for Henry Rossiter Worthington by his wife Sara Newton Worthington. The four acres of beautiful grounds are said to have been a favorite area of Mr Worthington's property. The chapel was given to the Episcopal Diocese of New York by the family and became a parish in 1896.

In 2002 the Church was listed on the New York State and the National Register of Historic Places.

A history written by Grady E Jensen, a member of our congregation, called Centenial History of the Church of Saint Joseph of Arimathea 1896 - 1996, is available through the Church office.